Children’s Ailments


Dr. Ardyce Yik treats children of all ages. Some reasons parents bring their children to see her include:

  • boosting nutrition and managing weight (underweight or overweight)
  • immune support
  • digestive complaints
  • skin problems
  • natural and effective alternatives to pharmaceutical antibiotics
  • heavy metal toxicity testing
  • nutritional testing
  • focus/ concentration issues
  • developmental delays
  • insomnia, sleeping issues, anxiety
  • low energy, fatigue

Dr. Yik is trained to assess each case diligently and will correct, rebalance and nourish using nutritional therapy, nutraceuticals, homeopathy and herbal medicine. She will suggest pharmaceutical medication or refer to other specialists if need be. Click here to read more about Dr. Yik.

Dr. Yik created the “Boost Your Child’s Health” program at OT&P medical clinic in Repulse Bay. She sees children there and at IMI clinic in Central. See below for more details.

Does your child suffer from recurrent colds or ear infections? Eczema? Not sure if your child is getting adequate nutrients? Rebuild your child’s immunity and health with natural medicine.

The “Boost Your Child’s Health” program includes:

  • a 60-minute visit with Dr. Ardyce Yik ND to discuss your child’s health concerns and nutrition status
  • Physical examination (head, neck, lungs, heart, abdomen, neurological)
  • Traditional Chinese Medical diagnosis (looking at tongue and pulses)
  • Mineral absorption test to assess zinc deficiency (Blood tests to assess other possible nutrient deficiencies such as iron and vitamin D are also available*)
  • Naturopathic treatment for existing conditions/ illnesses*
  • A comprehensive analysis of your child’s current diet
  • Personalized meal planning to boost your child’s immunity and overall health

Click here to learn more about Dr. Yik and how she can help your child attain optimal health.

Call (852) 2813-1978 to book an appointment at OT&P medical clinic in Repulse Bay. Call (852) 2523-7121 to book an appointment at IMI clinic in Central.

*Cost of additional blood tests, natural medicines/ supplements are not included in the package.

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