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(Disclaimer: The following comments are the views and opinions of individuals only. They are not meant to provide medical counsel or advice.) 

Here’s what others are saying about Dr. Yik:

“Due to my POS problem, my husband and I had trouble getting pregnant again after our first IVF daughter was born, so we came to Dr. Ardyce Yik. Quite contrary to our previous experience with IVF doctors, Dr. Ardyce identified some issues and in an instant she devised a drug-free, nutritious, yet simple plan to prepare for my second pregnancy. She is knowledgeable and dedicated, and most of all, she genuinely cares about me as person. We had gone through multiple IVF treatments which didn’t yield happy outcomes, but Dr. Ardyce gave us the beginning of a beautiful miracle. We found out we were going to be parents again two months after visiting Dr. Ardyce. Thank you, Dr. Ardyce, for making our family greater and healthier with new members. We are forever grateful beyond words.” – Anonymous mother of four

“I contacted IMI after many months of feeling unwell and despite a number of visits to my general practitioner I was offered no solution to my fatigue, weight gain and aching joints and muscles. In 2010 I had already been diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis and was prescribed a synthetic thyroxin replacement to be taken daily. From that point on I struggled with my health and had recurring severe migraines, poor sleep pattern and difficulty maintaining a comfortable body temperature. In my very first consultation with Dr Yik I felt that here was someone who was actually interested in helping me achieve optimal health. So often I had been told that my symptoms were simply that I was getting older (I’m 51). My weight gain really concerned me. I had continued to gain weight despite daily yoga, swimming and running and a strict vegetarian diet. From the first week of some simple dietary changes which included no wheat, dairy or eggs, and a tailored herbal mixture I not only began to feel better but I also started to lose weight. Dr Yik also prescribed a porcine thyroid medication to replace the synthetic one I had been taking. Now four months later I am sleeping better, I’m totally pain free and I have lost 9kgs and I am still losing weight each week. I’ve also been able to reduce my exercise and am now enjoying yoga, swimming and running as well as some strength training with weights a just few times per week. I look fit and healthy and more importantly I feel fantastic. Dr Yik has been incredibly supportive through this process and took the time to understand my concerns and work collaboratively to resolve my health issues.” – Genevieve Ileris

I attended Dr. Yik’s clinic last year where she helped me with some fertility issues. I just wanted to write a quick note to thank her for all the tonics and the healthy eating plan. It was a great success as I am now mother to a healthy 6 month old baby girl. – Anonymous mother of one

“I brought my son, who had eczema (i.e. atopic dermatitis), to Dr. Yik because my husband and I wanted a doctor to address the root causes of his skin condition, not give him a corticosteroid cream to suppress it. My three-year-old son’s skin was so dry and itchy that he would scratch it until it became raw and weepy. The eczema was mainly on his hands and buttocks. The condition started not long after he was put in daycare, where lunch and snacks were provided for him. Dr. Yik put my son on a nutritious hypoallergenic diet and she gave him nutriceuticals to ensure that all the building blocks for health (and healthy skin!) were in place. My son’s skin condition dramatically improved within several weeks. During my pregnancy, I also consulted Dr. Yik for safe, natural alternatives to cold and flu medications. She is a knowledgeable and compassionate naturopathic doctor who will meet the needs of you and your family. I highly recommend her.” – C. Shing, Mother of 3

“Having suffered from excessive weight gain, thyroid and menstrual problems, dizziness, and fatigue for many years, I was so frustrated and upset with myself because I had seen many doctors but none of them found the actual cause of these problems. Day by day, I was gaining weight but felt weak inside. I had low energy levels which were affecting my studies and job to a certain extent. However, after doing some research on natural treatments for weight loss, I came across Dr. Ardyce Yik’s website. After learning about her natural approach to cure disease, I instantly felt that she might be the person who can help me to deal with all those problems that I had been suffering for a really long time. I went to see Dr. Yik for weight loss and lost more than 10 kg in a few months which was impossible to achieve before seeing her. Her diet plan was so effective that my menstrual problems were resolved without medication. She helped me to overcome the problems associated with hypothyroidism such as dizziness, fatigue, and low energy using all natural medications. Today I feel much happier, healthier and I look younger because of her.  She is more than a doctor who listens carefully to her patients and understands their needs. She is very flexible and an influential person for me because she is the only one who helped to change my lifestyle. Now, I eat well and feel well. I highly recommend her to everyone.” – H.M., Early Childhood Educator

My eczema had gotten a lot worse as soon as I became pregnant. While I was trying my best to refrain from topical steroids, Dr Yik gave me a plant-based lotion which I found very helpful for coping with the itchiness. Towards the later stages I had not been able to sleep well due to frequent urination at night, the natural medicine she gave me for sleep helped me tremendously. The first pregnancy is always filled with uncertainties and fear, fortunately I was able to get through it with Dr Yik’s expertise. –E.H., Dietician

“After enduring all sorts of digestive problems for years due to atrocious eating habits, not to mention being 25 pounds overweight and out of shape, I was fed up and vowed to myself to get healthy once and for all. Joining IMI’s weight loss program helped put me on the right track, and over the course of three months, I learned to honor and take care of my body through better food choices, eating smaller portions more often, and exercising regularly – all of which are now part and parcel of my everyday life. To my amazement, my digestive issues resolved themselves and I shed all the extra weight too. I can’t remember the last time I felt so strong and energetic, and I’m well on my way to being in top form – in mind, body and spirit. Not only have I been told I look 10 years younger, I truly feel it! I have to say this was the best gift I could give myself. Thanks to Dr. Yik for her support throughout my journey to wellness.” – D. Narain, Professional Writer

“As a full-time university student with learning disabilities, for years I have been plagued with sleep deprivation, depression, low energy, and also had chronic muscle aches and soreness. Needless to say, I was burnt-out to the max. I was then diagnosed with ADHD and received conventional medical treatment for it. But within two months, side-effects from these pharmaceutical drugs made some of my pre-existing conditions ten times worst and even caused respiratory difficulties and restricted my physical mobility and coordination. I also suffered from memory loss and emotional instability. That was when I went to see Dr. Yik for a more holistic treatment for my conditions. Dr. Yik provided individualized treatment that aimed to target the root causes of my problems, whereas all my previous doctors just prescribed drugs to suppress some of my symptoms while being oblivious to others. Thanks to Dr. Yik’s expertise and up-to-date knowledge in naturopathic medicine, many of my symptoms are now under control, my energy levels are coming back, and I am now in the process of finishing a master’s degree in public administration. Dr. Yik is the most caring doctor I have ever had, she listens patiently and treats her patients with love and compassion.” – H.L. Ma, University Student (Graduate Studies)

“I was 204 lbs, didn’t like exercise, wouldn’t eat vegetables, ate lots of comfort food, wasn’t sleeping, couldn’t swallow capsules, was irritable and knew I had to do something. So I went to see Dr. Yik on a friend’s recommendation. In just over 4 months I have lost 25 lbs, go walking almost every day, still don’t eat vegetables (or swallow capsules!), only eat comfort food occasionally, and am sleeping a little better. I am feeling better in myself and about myself, I look better, I am fitter and have a more positive attitude than I have had for a long time. Dr. Yik said I would be a challenge, and I was, but she never tried to tell me to do something she knew I wouldn’t do. She just encouraged me and took a holistic approach to things. What I like about Dr. Yik is that she is very flexible. She fitted the treatment around my idiosyncracies and foibles.” – J.T., Attorney

I went to see Dr. Yik for migraines, anemia and chronic coughing problems which have bothered me for 20 years.  Over the years, I relied on conventional / Chinese medicine but my health problems couldn’t be alleviated. The headache, fatigue, muscle pains and coughing kept getting worse.  In the worst days, I had to keep off outdoor activities in order not to excite my migraine / fatigue.  Dr. Yik suspected that I was suffering from heavy metal toxicity which she was proven correct after confirmation by a special urine test.  One of the causes might be due to the mercury dental fillings which I’ve had ever since adolescence.  Dr. Yik then put me under a heavy metal detoxification treatment programme coupled with nutriceutical support.  Miraculously, my migraines started subsiding two months after and now after four months’ treatment, very significant progress is seen.  My migraines’ frequency and severity are greatly reduced.  Overall energy levels are boosted and my mind has become clear.  I’m glad that I eventually came to the right doctor with the right treatment.  Many thanks to Dr. Yik for her professional advice and care.   She is always nice to talk with, responsive to patients’ enquiries and understanding to patients’ problems.” -R. Lau, Manager

“I suffered from hemifacial spasms for seven years before I saw Dr. Yik for naturopathic care. I experienced frequent muscle spasms, which distorted one side of my face. I felt very embarrassed and frustrated. I did not want to get surgery done due to its associated risks nor did I want to undergo BOTOX injections for the rest of my life. During the initial consultation, Dr. Yik helped me to realize how stressful I had been in the past few years. She pointed out the connection between stress, the nervous system and my condition. Dr. Yik helped to restore my nervous system and proper nerve function. She also treated my adrenal fatigue, which was a result of chronic stress. Within one month, the spasms were so minor and rare that they no longer bothered me. I’m so glad I went to see Dr. Yik. She helped me to avoid surgery and a lifetime of BOTOX injections!” – S. Wong, Accountant

“I’ve been seeing Dr Yik for a few years in an effort to use natural treatments for anxiety related problems.  Dr Yik’s patience and advice has helped me through some very trying periods of my life.  However, my trust in naturopathic treatment was really tested about a year ago when I lost someone very close to me.  Thanks to the support of Dr Yik, I have been able to go through this grief and pain with aptly-chosen natural medicines varying from ayurvedic to homeopathic and western medicines.  Dr Yik’s treatment has helped me through the anxiety and sleeplessness that have plagued me through this past year; most importantly I’m glad that I did not at any point resort to allopathic/ chemical prescriptions in some cases with strong side effects.  Dr. Yik’s patience, empathy and support were equally important in this process especially when dealing with some of life’s biggest challenges.  I highly recommend naturopathic treatment to friends and family now for a more holistic approach to personal health care and have specifically referred Dr Yik’s services as a health-care practitioner.” – Anon.  

“My husband is a candy man. He manufactures candies and he also struggled with a BMI high above average, accompanied with fatty liver for over 10 years. He didn’t overeat, his diet was good I dare say when he dined at home, and he did brisk-walking 3 times a week. Yet, his weight remained the same despite all these efforts. It was not until he joined the weight loss program supervised by Dr Yik that we can see a change in his body figure. He lost 13 pounds in 1 month! This was so encouraging that he is now striving to go for another month on the weight loss program. We would like to thank Dr Yik for her friendliness and sharp analysis that makes his weight loss journey a pleasant and fruitful experience.” – Wife of S. Lam, Business Owner


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