Why Visit an ND

  1. You want the best treatment individualized for you as a person, not for a disease.
  2. You want to identify and treat the source of your health problems, not just treat the symptoms or suppress the condition.
  3. You prefer to use a drugless approach as opposed to invasive medical procedures and pharmaceutical drugs. You are concerned about the long term effects of pharmaceutical drugs and/or their unpleasant side effects.
  4. You want to make informed decisions about your health and work with a doctor who will discuss different options of care with you.
  5. You want a healthcare practitioner who gets to know you and takes the time to understand your health needs.
  6. You want professional support in improving your lifestyle (stress levels, diet, exercise, relationships, etc.).
  7. You want help navigating through nutraceuticals/ health supplements and clarifying claims of marketed health products.
  8. You want to prevent disease and/or maintain optimal health.



A licensed naturopathic physician or naturopathic doctor (ND) addresses the underlying cause of illness, treats the whole person and focuses on disease prevention. As functional medicine practitioners, they adopt a patient-centered approach, spending time with their patients, listening to their histories and investigating the link between genetic, environmental, and lifestyle factors that influence long-term health and chronic disease.

In North America, a licensed ND has received at least 4 years of post-graduate training from an accredited naturopathic medical school. Pre-admission requirements include at least three years of pre-medical studies at a university. This intensive post-graduate program includes medical science courses and students are also trained in naturopathic principles and therapeutics, receiving a total of approximately 4,500 hours of academic and clinical training. Graduates receive the title “N.D.” or Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine. Graduates must pass rigorous international licensing and board examinations to be eligible to practice in their jurisdiction. In certain jurisdictions, licensed NDs are allowed to prescribe pharmaceuticals and perform minor surgeries.

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