Too much salt in our bread and inconsistency in meal plan subscriptions: Hong Kong Consumer Council

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Hong Kong Consumer Council looked into 28 samples of prepackaged white and wheat bread on the market and found that eating two slices of bread could mean a sodium intake of over 20 percent of the daily limit recommended by the World Health Organization.

An over-consumption of sodium increases the risk of high blood pressure and stroke, Consumer Council’s chief executive Gilly Wong Fung-Han warned. The Centre for Food Safety set voluntary reduction goals for white bread and wheat bread in 2019 at 490mg and 470mg of sodium for 100g of bread respectively.

White bread from SimplyLife had the highest sodium level at 567mg sodium per 100g. And wheat bread from Saint Honore contained 503mg of sodium per 100g of bread.

White bread from 759 Bakery had the lowest level of sodium in the latest check, with 298mg of sodium in every 100g, while wheat bread from Costini had the lowest sodium content at 208mg in every 100g.

The latest test results confirmed that wheat bread has higher dietary fiber and mineral contents than white bread.

On another front, it was found that healthy meal plans that cost up to HK$14,000 on monthly subscriptions for three meals have inconsistent counts of calories, carbohydrates and protein compositions.

“Based on the test results the biggest risk is the discrepancy between the claimed nutritional value and the actual value that came from the tests,” Wong said.

Out of nine meals prepared by different service providers, eight had at least one nutrient that did not comply with the amount claimed on labels. The watchdog said this might mislead consumers, interfere with health plans and even incur health risks.


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