Arsenic found in baby food (again)

A sweetener used in many organic foods may be a hidden source of arsenic, new research suggests. The sweetener, organic brown rice syrup, is found in some infant formulas. Of the 17 infant milk formulas tested, 2 had listed organic brown rice syrup as the primary ingredient. These two formulas, one dairy-based and one soy-based,Continue reading “Arsenic found in baby food (again)”

Arsenic and other toxins found in baby food

Small amounts of arsenic and other toxins have been found in top-selling baby foods, according to a study in the Journal of Food Chemistry.  Swedish researchers in the study tested leading brands from Organix, HiPP, Nestle and Holle. Arsenic contamination of crops is a known problem associated with past pesticide use. Besides arsenic, other toxic elementsContinue reading “Arsenic and other toxins found in baby food”

霸王Bawang shampoo contains cancer-causing agents

News released today reveals that 霸王Bawang shampoo (the 4th most popular shampoo manufacturer in China) contains cancer-causing agents. Its shares, listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, have since plummeted. 霸王Bawang claims that their shampoos contain Chinese herbal medicine which nourish and prevent hair loss. They also have an anti-dandruff line. International movie star Jackie Chan is theirContinue reading “霸王Bawang shampoo contains cancer-causing agents”