News alert: New Zealand milk powder products (including infant formula) contaminated with botulism bacteria

New Zealand’s Fonterra, the world’s largest dairy exporter, issued a warning yesterday that some of its products used in infant formula and sports drinks may contain a bacteria that causes botulism, which can lead to severe food poisoning, paralysis and even death. According to Fonterra, it sold New Zealand-made whey protein concentrate contaminated with the ClostridiumContinue reading “News alert: New Zealand milk powder products (including infant formula) contaminated with botulism bacteria”

Arsenic found in baby food (again)

A sweetener used in many organic foods may be a hidden source of arsenic, new research suggests. The sweetener, organic brown rice syrup, is found in some infant formulas. Of the 17 infant milk formulas tested, 2 had listed organic brown rice syrup as the primary ingredient. These two formulas, one dairy-based and one soy-based,Continue reading “Arsenic found in baby food (again)”

Will you be breastfeeding?

August 1st to 7th marks World Breastfeeding Week, and a 10-step checklist has been sent to hospitals in over 150 countries to ensure adequate maternity support for breastfeeding. Nowadays, when I ask my patients during their antenatal consultation whether or not they will be breastfeeding, all of them give an enthusiastic YES. But perhaps after giving birth, not enoughContinue reading “Will you be breastfeeding?”

Healthy Eating on Vacation for Your Children

The suitcases are packed. The passports are ready. You and your children are all set for the upcoming trip. Don’t leave your healthy eating habits behind! Here are eight ways for you and your kids to stay healthy while on vacation. 1. Pack the snacks Fruit-and-nut bars, whole-grain crackers, and trail mixes are great snacksContinue reading “Healthy Eating on Vacation for Your Children”