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Stress and Anxiety in (Hong Kong) Children

According to a 2015 study, 27.8% of Hong Kong’s primary school children have anxiety symptoms so severe that professional help is warranted. 5-year-olds complaining of tummy aches without apparent cause, 8-year-olds having trouble falling asleep or suddenly refusing to go … Continue reading

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Top back-to-school concerns (and solutions)

It’s back-to-school season again, and with it come a variety of issues that parents and kids face. Here are a few of the most common concerns that arise at the beginning of the school year: 1. PRESSURE TO SUCCEED: Kids … Continue reading

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Fevers: when (and when not) to be alarmed

When your child’s temperature rises, your stress levels may rise as well. A fever is not an illness, but rather a signal from the body that something is not right. Experts say that in healthy kids, fevers usually don’t indicate … Continue reading

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Childhood bullying: more harmful than you think

A new study reveals that children exposed to bullying during childhood are more likely to develop psychiatric disorders in adulthood, regardless of whether they are victims or perpetrators. The research team examined the victims of bullying, the bullies themselves, and … Continue reading

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Pets boost children’s immunity

Studies show that children who have pets at home are more likely to have stronger immune systems and take fewer days off school. Researchers at Warwick University found that antibody levels in pet-owning children were significantly more stable, indicating that … Continue reading

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Want to prevent your child from autism?

Could you be unintentionally hindering your child from developing healthy social skills? In this day and age, children are exposed to electronics at a very young age. Some even boast the latest, trendiest educational software on these often convenient and portable gadgets. But Dr. … Continue reading

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Healthy Eating on Vacation for Your Children

The suitcases are packed. The passports are ready. You and your children are all set for the upcoming trip. Don’t leave your healthy eating habits behind! Here are eight ways for you and your kids to stay healthy while on … Continue reading

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