When should I check for hormonal imbalances?

Are you struggling with any of the following? Exhaustion/ fatigue, sleep or stress issues, decreased libido/ sex drive Fertility problems Poly-cystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), ovarian cysts, breast cysts, breast fibroadenoma Irregular periods, peri-menopause Acne associated with the menstrual cycle Painful periods, endometriosis Fibroids, adenomyosis PMS (pre-menstrual syndrome) with symptoms such as (but not limited to)Continue reading “When should I check for hormonal imbalances?”

Processed foods are bad for our health. But, what exactly is a processed food?

Many studies confirm that eating processed foods can lead to cancer, heart disease, obesity and well, early death.  But, what exactly is a processed food? Using a four-tiered system called NOVA, nutrition experts and scientists classify everything we eat into one of four categories: unprocessed or minimally processed, processed culinary ingredients, processed foods and ultra-processedContinue reading “Processed foods are bad for our health. But, what exactly is a processed food?”

Study: a bottle of wine a week is as bad as smoking 10 cigarettes

Do you drink a glass of wine a few times a week? New research shows that drinking a bottle of wine a week is the same as smoking 5 to 10 cigarettes when it comes to raising the risk of getting cancer. For women, drinking one bottle of wine each week increased the absolute lifetime risk ofContinue reading “Study: a bottle of wine a week is as bad as smoking 10 cigarettes”

Do vitamin E supplements prevent cancer, or promote it?

Do vitamin E supplements increase or decrease a person’s risk of developing cancer? It turns out that the answer lies in your genes. Genetic variation may increase the cancer risk in some individuals while decreasing the risk for others. In a new study published in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute, researchers found that certain variationsContinue reading “Do vitamin E supplements prevent cancer, or promote it?”

Early exposure to microbes may prevent childhood cancer

It turns out that early exposure to common microbes (germs!) in newborns and babies helps to protect them against acute lymphoblastic leukaemia (aka A.L.L.), the most common form of childhood cancer, later on in life. According to Professor Mel Greaves, a world-renowned leukaemia researcher at the Institute of Cancer Research in London, there are 3Continue reading “Early exposure to microbes may prevent childhood cancer”

Study: Pomegranate juice and prostate cancer

Love the tarty taste of pomegranate juice and its heart-healthy benefits? Here’s another reason to enjoy more of this antioxidant-packed superfood: Researchers at the University of California, Riverside have found that components in pomegranate juice can both inhibit the movement of cancer cells and weaken their attraction to a chemical signal that promotes the metastasis (i.e.Continue reading “Study: Pomegranate juice and prostate cancer”

Cancer: What happens AFTER treatment?

“All of us have cancer cells in our bodies. But not all of us will develop cancer.”- David Servan-Schreiber, MD, PhD Surviving cancer is a difficult journey requiring remarkable courage and endurance. Conventional treatments such as radiation, chemotherapy, immunotherapy and surgery are often necessary, but they do not address why cancer cells are being generatedContinue reading “Cancer: What happens AFTER treatment?”

Study: Eight signs of cancer

A study published in the British Journal of General Practice (BJGP) has identified 8 signs of cancer that need immediate attention. According to Dr. Shapley who led the study, the 8 symptoms were identified following analysis of 25 studies from the UK, US, Australia, Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark and Germany. According to his team, the following 8 symptoms can predict theContinue reading “Study: Eight signs of cancer”

Fish oil linked to lower breast cancer risk: Study

We all know that taking fish oil supplements benefit heart health, but a study in Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention shows fish oil supplements may also help reduce breast cancer risk. In the study, the use of fish oil was linked to a lower risk of invasive ductal breast cancer. Ductal breast cancer is the mostContinue reading “Fish oil linked to lower breast cancer risk: Study”