Travelling? Here are 9 of the germiest places you’ll encounter!

Travelling anytime soon? With summer around the corner, you may be excitedly planning a summer trip or two. Here is a list of the dirtiest places or things you’ll encounter while travelling- be prepared and avoid getting sick!

  • Hotel Remotes. Studies conducted by microbiologists have found that remote controls have some of the highest levels of bacterial contamination in hotel rooms. Hotel housekeepers rarely clean the TV remote. Cover the remote or wipe it down with alcohol wipes before using it.
  • hotelroom-2205447_1920Hotel Bedspreads. The heavy bedspread on top of the hotel bed may not have been washed in a while! Most hotels change the sheets between guests but not the top comforter. To avoid the germs left behind by past guests, remove the top layer of bedding and sleep only with the washed sheets and blankets.
  • Hotel Light Switches. Light switches are used by everyone who enters a hotel room, but never cleaned. A recent study found that the main light switch was the dirtiest surface in the hotel rooms tested, and often contained high levels of fecal bacteria.
  • Water Fountains. Various studies have found that public fountains may have more bacteria than public toilets. One study by the National Sanitation Foundation in the USA found that the dirtiest spots in public schools are water fountains.
  • Airplane Bathrooms. A breeding ground for germs, airplane bathrooms are so small that flushing the toilet sprays bacteria onto almost every surface in the bathroom. You may want to wash your hands and use a paper towel to open the bathroom door.
  • Airplane Seat Pockets. A place where passengers put used tissues, soiled diapers and food waste, airplane seat pockets are another breeding ground for germs.
  • Airplane Tray Tables. These tray tables don’t get sanitised properly between every trip. Bring sanitising wipes and wipe the table down before using it.
  • Pillows and Blankets. If not sealed in plastic, the blankets and pillows are probably being reused from previous flights. What if the flyer before you was sick or drooling over the pillow? Better to bring your own travel blankets and pillows.
  • Cruise Ship Handrails (and public handrails in general). Cruise ships are well known germ incubators. The handrails you use to get on and off the ship are touched by thousands of other passengers every day, and germs can live on them for hours. Be sure to wash or sanitise your hands after using them.

Remember to wash your hands frequently and use hand sanitiser or alcohol wipes. Click here to find out how to strengthen your immune system to avoid getting sick. Always getting sick? Dr. Ardyce Yik ND helps people support their immune system and stay healthy.

Bon voyage and safe travels!


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