Bad breath? Bloated? Gassy? Time to heal your gut.

Many people take breath mints regularly in hopes to cover foul breath. Others experience bloating and discomfort after meals, but never wonder why their body is sending them this message. Loose or unformed stool (diarrhea) alternating with periods of constipation is rather common for busy people living in Hong Kong and other metropolitan cities. IfContinue reading “Bad breath? Bloated? Gassy? Time to heal your gut.”

Mouthwash: what you should know before using it

Most of us think mouthwash helps eliminate bad breath and improve oral hygiene. But according to many experts, mouthwash does not eliminate bad breath. The mouthwash may work at first by killing lots of germs but after a while, the alcohol content present in many mouthwashes can dry your mouth out. When your salivary glandsContinue reading “Mouthwash: what you should know before using it”