Can’t lose weight? Discover these five hidden causes.

lose-weight-1968908_1920.jpgSpring has sprung and you may be eager to lose some of that winter weight. But what if you’ve tried everything and you still find it difficult to lose weight? Could there be underlying reasons preventing you from losing weight? Dr. Ardyce Yik ND has helped many people lose weight successfully by addressing the underlying causes of weight gain or sluggish weight. In her practice, these are 5 of the top reasons why people can’t lose weight on their own:

  1. Food Intolerances. Do you notice weight gain, bloating or fluid retention after eating certain foods? If so, it could be a food intolerance preventing you from losing weight. Other symptoms associated with food intolerances include digestive
    problems, fatigue, mild depression, aches and pains. Some people are able to lose up to 3 kg just by avoiding the foods they are intolerant to. Dr. Yik offers food intolerance testing for patients who suspect that food reactions play a role in their weight gain. Click here to read more on food intolerances.
  2. worried-girl-413690_1920Stress. High levels of cortisol in the body due to chronic stress can slow metabolism, cause the body to lose muscle and store fat, especially in the abdomen/ tummy region. Stressed out at work or home, and noticed your waistline expanding? If so, it could be due to elevated cortisol levels, which can be properly balanced by botanical medicine, nutraceuticals, nutritional therapy and stress management techniques under the guidance of a licensed naturopathic physician.
  3. Hormonal Imbalance. Do you eat very little, have a small appetite but are still gaining or struggling with weight? Your thyroid hormones may be out of balance. Your thyroid regulates your metabolism, so it plays a key role in weight management. Others may find themselves heavier at certain times of their menstrual cycle (e.g. they will feel bloated and gain weight prior to getting their period) or as they enter menopause (for women) or andropause (for men). Get help from a healthcare practitioner who is trained in helping people rebalance hormones and get their bodies back on track.
  4. Toxic Overload. In 2006, American scientists coined the term “obesogens” to denote a group of foreign chemical compounds that disrupt normal development and balance of lipid metabolism. Obesogens act by hijacking the regulatory systems that control body weight, which in some cases can lead to obesity. Click here to read more on obesogens and what you can do to reduce obesogen exposure.
  5. fat tummyEmotional Eating. Do you need your comfort food (chocolate, ice cream, baked goods, etc.), especially in the evening? Do you crave certain foods under stress or when you feel down? If so, you may be struggling with emotional eating. Many of us turn to food for stress relief, comfort or as a reward. Emotional eaters often feel powerless over their food cravings. Dr. Yik is experienced in helping patients practise mindful eating, as well as regain control over both food and your feelings. She can also rule out any pre-existing condition like anxiety, depression or blood sugar imbalances.

weightDr. Yik is dedicated to helping each patient get to the root cause of their health condition or concern. She is in charge of the Weight Loss program at IMI clinic in Hong Kong. To successfully lose weight, you need not only a suitable diet and regular exercise but also to ensure that underlying hidden causes are addressed. Contact Dr. Yik today to see how she can help you attain your weight goals and become a healthier you.

SOURCE: The New American Diet: How secret “obesogens” are making us fat, and the 6-week that will flatten your belly for good! (Authors: Stephen Perrine with Heather Hurlock)

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