What is hypothyroidism and how can it affect your fertility?

Hypothyroidism is a health condition in which your thyroid doesn’t produce enough hormones needed for metabolism and energy. Your metabolism affects your body’s temperature, your heartbeat and how well you burn calories. When you have hypothyroidism, you become tired and sluggish as your body processes slow down. Also known as underactive thyroid disease, hypothyroidism can beContinue reading “What is hypothyroidism and how can it affect your fertility?”

Study: IVF- miscarriage linked to age and embryo type

A recent study reveals that a woman’s age and the type of embryo(s) used affect the outcome of IVF procedures. The retrospective analysis of 52,874 pregnancies recorded on the Australian and New Zealand Assisted Reproduction Database (ANZARD) showed that women younger than 35 years old are almost 3 times less likely to miscarry compared withContinue reading “Study: IVF- miscarriage linked to age and embryo type”

Miscarriage and low levels of copper and zinc

A new study from the University of Granada has confirmed that low blood levels of copper and zinc in pregnant women may be a factor associated with miscarriage (spontaneous abortion). Dr. Jesús Joaquín Hijona Elósegui, one of the researchers in the study, points out that “despite the significant progress made in reproductive medicine, spontaneous abortion isContinue reading “Miscarriage and low levels of copper and zinc”