Fertility: can I get pregnant after 40?

By the time you are 40, the chance of falling pregnant naturally is about 5% each month, compared to 20% in those under the age of 30. You can still get pregnant after 40, but you may need some support. This is because younger women typically have more and healthier eggs than older women. And whileContinue reading “Fertility: can I get pregnant after 40?”

Mediterranean diet may increase fertility and IVF success

It turns out that eating a Mediterranean diet is not only good for your heart and brain, but it may also boost fertility and IVF success. A recent study from Human Reproduction concluded that women who consumed a Mediterranean diet had significantly higher success rates of IVF compared to other women. The researchers, led by Associate ProfessorContinue reading “Mediterranean diet may increase fertility and IVF success”

Study: IVF- miscarriage linked to age and embryo type

A recent study reveals that a woman’s age and the type of embryo(s) used affect the outcome of IVF procedures. The retrospective analysis of 52,874 pregnancies recorded on the Australian and New Zealand Assisted Reproduction Database (ANZARD) showed that women younger than 35 years old are almost 3 times less likely to miscarry compared withContinue reading “Study: IVF- miscarriage linked to age and embryo type”