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Handful of nuts a day keeps the doctor away!

New research released this month found that eating a handful of nuts every day cuts the risk of a wide range of illnesses. Researchers at the Imperial College of London and the Norwegian University of Science and Technology concluded that … Continue reading

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Coffee + fast food = bad for blood sugar levels

Eating a fatty fast food meal is never good for you, but drinking coffee along with it is even worse, according to a recent University of Guelph study. The study finds that a healthy person’s blood sugar levels not only … Continue reading

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The walnut: best nut for your heart!

Walnuts are apparently the best nuts to prevent heart disease, according to the latest research presented at the 241st national meeting of the American Chemical Society in Anaheim, California. Eating seven walnuts a day could also help cut the risk … Continue reading

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“Help! I’m overweight- but I don’t eat much!”

Whenever I hear this statement in my office, I first ask for a detailed 24-hour diet recall. Some people may not be consciously aware of how much they eat, so it’s a good idea to recall what’s actually been consumed (e.g. “Let’s … Continue reading

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