Anti-aging solutions: prevent premature aging and slow the aging process, naturally

What if it is possible to turn back the internal clock? What if we do have some control on how quickly we age? Nobel Laureate and molecular biologist, Elizabeth Blackburn, claims that the key to slowing the aging process lies within our cells- specifically in telomeres, which are cap-like regions at the ends of our chromosomes. HOWContinue reading “Anti-aging solutions: prevent premature aging and slow the aging process, naturally”

(Anti) aging naturally- part 2

In the previous post, (Anti) aging naturally- part 1, telomeres and their role in biological aging were discussed. Telomere shortening or dysfunction has been linked with the development of diseases, including cardiovascular illness, cancer, Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease. But just as there are factors that speed up the shortening of telomeres, researchers have found thereContinue reading “(Anti) aging naturally- part 2”

(Anti) aging naturally- part 1

Earlier this month, 4 women in Hong Kong ended up in the hospital with septic shock following a beauty treatment that involved blood transfusions, and 1 of them has since succumbed. I’ve had 20-something-year-old patients confessing to regular botox injections and others coming to me to lose another 10 pounds when they are already stick-thin.Continue reading “(Anti) aging naturally- part 1”