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How to delay memory loss and cognitive aging

Everyone ages, but have you noticed that no two people age in the same way? Some people experience dramatic memory loss as they grow older, while others remain cognitively fit. Some experts say that diet is key, while others emphasise … Continue reading

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(Anti) aging naturally- part 1

Earlier this month, 4 women in Hong Kong ended up in the hospital with septic shock following a beauty treatment that involved blood transfusions, and 1 of them has since succumbed. I’ve had 20-something-year-old patients confessing to regular botox injections … Continue reading

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Turmeric, “the spice” to fight cancer?

Research in the past few decades has shown that cancer is linked to inflammation. For example, chronic inflammation in the stomach can cause gastric cancer and inflammation in the liver from hepatitis can lead to liver cancer. Turmeric, a spice from … Continue reading

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Post-acne blemish: Why Asians are more prone

Okay, so the majority of us will get acne- from a pimple or two to full-blown-in-your-face lesions- at some point in our lives.  Acne is one of the most common skin conditions that affects Asians, but ever wonder why many Asians get dark … Continue reading

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