Natural anti-depressant (SAMe) effective for depression: Study

A study conducted by Harvard Medical School and Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) suggests that S-Adenosyl Methionine (SAMe), a nutraceutical/ natural health product, can be an effective and well-tolerated adjunctive treatment for adults with major depressive disorders. Published in the August 2010 American Journal of Psychiatry, this study follows another study published in 2004  (Journal of ClinicalContinue reading “Natural anti-depressant (SAMe) effective for depression: Study”

“Help! I’m overweight- but I don’t eat much!”

Whenever I hear this statement in my office, I first ask for a detailed 24-hour diet recall. Some people may not be consciously aware of how much they eat, so it’s a good idea to recall what’s actually been consumed (e.g. “Let’s see. I had coffee this morning. I only had a chicken salad for lunch. I had some Häagen–DazsContinue reading ““Help! I’m overweight- but I don’t eat much!””