2017’s “Dirty Dozen”: Strawberries, spinach most contaminated with pesticides

Yesterday, the Environmental Working Group (EWG) released 2017’s Dirty Dozen™ list, which is comprised of fruits and vegetables most contaminated with pesticides. Strawberries are at the top of the list, with spinach at second place in the annual ranking of conventionally grown produce with the most pesticide residues. In the analysis, a single sample of strawberries showedContinue reading “2017’s “Dirty Dozen”: Strawberries, spinach most contaminated with pesticides”

Handful of nuts a day keeps the doctor away!

New research released this month found that eating a handful of nuts every day cuts the risk of a wide range of illnesses. Researchers at the Imperial College of London and the Norwegian University of Science and Technology concluded that people who eat around 20g (around a handful) of nuts on a daily basis haveContinue reading “Handful of nuts a day keeps the doctor away!”

Healthy children, naturally

Did you know, a recent study showed that children given vitamin D daily were less likely to catch the flu (influenza A)? And that children taking probiotics were half as likely to develop eczema (atopic dermatitis) than those who didn’t? How can parents empower their child to stay healthy into their adolescent years (and beyond!) andContinue reading “Healthy children, naturally”

Optimal pregnancy: steps to a healthy, full-term baby

Ever wonder why some women sail smoothly through pregnancy? Want to carry a healthy baby to full term and reduce the risk for pregnancy-related complications? It turns out that what you do during pregnancy has a huge impact on your pregnancy journey and your baby’s health. Nutrition and other lifestyle factors during the early periods in theContinue reading “Optimal pregnancy: steps to a healthy, full-term baby”

Recurrent miscarriage, other ailments may be linked to MTHFR gene mutation

Methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase (MTHFR for short) is an enzyme that is responsible for the process of methylation in every cell in your body.  Methylation is a core process that occurs in all cells. People with a genetic defect in the MTHFR gene may be at an increased risk of heart attack, stroke, several types of cancer, chemicalContinue reading “Recurrent miscarriage, other ailments may be linked to MTHFR gene mutation”

Harvard: environmental chemicals linked to brain disorders (ADHD, autism, dyslexia, etc.)

The recent increase in childhood neurodevelopmental delays and disabilities may be triggered by toxic chemicals in our environment, according to a new study released by Harvard School of Public Health and Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai. The study, released a few weeks ago online in Lancet Neurology, indicates that children’s exposure to certain chemicals, includingContinue reading “Harvard: environmental chemicals linked to brain disorders (ADHD, autism, dyslexia, etc.)”

PCOS and fertility- how natural medicine can help

The problem with PCOS Women with PCOS don’t ovulate regularly, resulting in irregular periods or amenorrhea (absence of period) and infertility. They may have high levels of testosterone which lead to acne, excessive facial/ body hair growth and head hair loss. On their pelvic ultrasound, ovarian cysts resembling a “string of pearls” can be seen. They alsoContinue reading “PCOS and fertility- how natural medicine can help”

Childbirth: making an informed choice best for you and your newborn

With the recent baby boom, pregnancy has become a hot topic among those of child-bearing age. And among moms-to-be, the question of how to give birth becomes a prevalent one. In Hong Kong, women can choose the convenience of a C-section a.k.a. Caesarian surgery.  Perhaps their obstetricians never informed them that giving birth naturally isContinue reading “Childbirth: making an informed choice best for you and your newborn”

(Anti) aging naturally- part 2

In the previous post, (Anti) aging naturally- part 1, telomeres and their role in biological aging were discussed. Telomere shortening or dysfunction has been linked with the development of diseases, including cardiovascular illness, cancer, Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease. But just as there are factors that speed up the shortening of telomeres, researchers have found thereContinue reading “(Anti) aging naturally- part 2”

Study: less folic acid in pregnancy linked to autism

In a study found in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, women whose children had autism recalled getting less folic acid through food and supplements early in their pregnancies than those whose kids did not develop the disorder. Researchers reported last week that meeting recommendations for folic acid, at least 600 micrograms (mcg) per day,Continue reading “Study: less folic acid in pregnancy linked to autism”